Selected Works

Barim Pathway

Baegot Public Art Project Competition, 2016

the Grand Prize, Under construction

Siheung, Gyung-gi do, Korea

Public Art

Team : Changhyun Lee, Secheol O, Seyong Yoon, Jieun Kim,

Sangdo Choi, Heejin Kang, Seoyoung Ryu

Role : Participated in all parts of the project

Nature and Artificial Structures

A task was given to install an art piece for the visitors to enjoy the newly opened park better. We have decided to install the artificial structure within the nature rather than far away from the park. It was to be installed within the reed marsh to expect synergetic effect of awkward harmony of the two. As a result, the designed structure in the middle of the reed marsh assimilated into the natural environment and enhanced the scenery. Also, the structure was used as a pavilion where the people can rest.

Blurring the boundary

'Barim' means blurring boundary by mixing color in Korean, a similar term to 'gradation'. Barim Pathway is composed of two walls with 2,148 mirrors waving on wind. Various sceneries of the Baegot Park -reeds, sky, lights, human, seasons- reflected on each mirror are blended on those walls. Apart from other artworks attracting the public with their spectacle forms, Barim Pathway is designed to get along with the park’s calm atmosphere by turning people’s eyes again to the park. From a distant view the walls look like a changing mosaic reflecting the place, while providing different sceneries to the people who walk by.

Structural stability

Wavy forms of the walls are designed structurally form lone standing without additional reinforcement. As a curved paper can stand on itself easier than a flat one, the walls are located on both sides of the curved path crossing field of reeds. Besides, the bottom of the walls extends in the shape of a wave to strengthen its stability.

Wind Swaying Mirror

Each module is itself a picture as well as a pixel. The mirror is hinged on the main steel structure and gently sways by the wind, reflecting different scenery of the park.