Selected Works
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Ball, Light, Music

EBS Documnetary 'Docu-prime : Is it an instrument', 2013

Musical instrument, Performing art

Team : Changhyun Lee, Secheol O

Role : Participated in all parts of the project

Collaboration with other fields

This is a project to make new types of musical instruments by collaborating with other various fields: sound artists, sculptors, engineers, makers, and architects, etc. As mentioned on the project’s name, the aim of this project was to search the boundaries of musical instruments. As a participant within various fields, I started this project asking how we can interpret musical instruments by our own way, depending on our own fields.

Architectural Interpretation

Not all space is an architecture. In order to be termed as an architecture, space needs to be organized and designed with a specific purpose. Likewise, it can’t be said that all sound-producing devices are musical instruments. Not all sound is termed as a music. Therefore, with delicate observations and interests on ignored sound, I could finally change the sound into a music which contains the purpose of performer.

The Ball is a typological modification of a reed organ that the sound is produced from vibration of its thin metal plates called ‘Reeds’. Comparing with a pair of bellows in a reed organ presses air through the reeds, each air pocket produces air movement through each reed in 12 modules of the Ball.

The ball-shaped instrument made of 3D printed modules produces sound in reaction to light with assistance of a MCU(Micro Controller Unit, Arduino).

Development Process

1. 3D printer workshop, first meeting : Sharing ideas with other fields

2. SK Navi hackathon 2013 : collaboration development with other fields

3. Munrae Art Center : developing with other field in open space

4. Exhibition in Sejong University : structural development, acoustical development

5. Prototype for final module : preparation for the final performance

Final performance in PAJU / Broadcasted on EBS channel documentary, ’Docu-prime’

The project ended with joint performance of 9 other instruments created. A documentary, which includes all the construction process, final performance and Q&A with experts from each fields, was filmed by renown educational channel of Korea, EBS, and broadcasted on September 2014.