Selected Works
projection mapping.jpg

Projection Mapping for the Exhibition

Project : Coexistence of Elderly and Children

Individual Academic Work 2015

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Playground & Exhibition

Tutor : Moongyu Choi

Efficient Architecture Exhibition Method : Projection Mapping

In general, Architecture Exhibition is organized with numerous writings and pictures and models. However, many people become uninterested due to lengthy descriptions and exaggerated images. I think the main purpose of exhibition is to explain architecture to the public. Therefore, projection mapping – which utilizes beam projector and media – was used to help people to give better understanding of ‘Coexistence of Elderly and Children’ project.

Exhibitions tried to reproduce the way people experience and understand architecture. People experience structure, observe the people inside, and understand the structure’s purpose without any additional information. Finally, I think a structure is said to be designed properly when the architect’s purpose and the people’s understanding are in line. Exhibition arrangement to experience this observation is proposed here.

Installed beam projector display prepared media for 1minute and 30 seconds on the model and the description screen. Projection mapping media explains the motivation of projection from social issues to space composition/shape and design process. Last part displays the expected activities and perspective views which the structure will generate after construction.

Project Film