Selected Works
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Central Park, Central Loop

Individual Academic Work, 2019

Central Park, New York,

New York, United States

Environmental Graphic Project in Central Park

Mentor : Christina Lyons

Central Loop

190304_Map Final Panel_for website-04.jpg

By branding the widest pedestrian and bikers road as a main remarkable road named the ‘Central Loop’, visitors’ location in Central Park will be easily recognizable in order for them to quickly locate themselves in the park. I hope to introduce the ‘Central Loop’ as a new system for Central Park to mirror the Avenue-street system of Manhattan.


Corten(Weathering Steel)

Since the map will be installed on the floor of the park, the sustainability of the materials is the primary element to consider. Thus, making corten the best material of selection. Additionally, the color of the corten will resemble the soil in the park.

White Silk Screen

Because the vivid colors of a map might affect the scenery of the park negatively, a white color for the central loop will be applied with silk-screen painting to smoothly blend the map into the scenery. Also, it allows the map to express the layers of the park with height, thickness and texture of the corten as shown below.

silk screen blue.jpg


Installing Location