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About Chang


Chang hyun, Lee

Architect & Experience Designer

Chang Lee is a graduate student in the Exhibition and Experience Design Master’s Degree program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Chang has a Bachelor Degree in Architecture. During his studies, he founded ’Studio Chang’, a group that believed in collaboration among the different design disciplines. As he believes that “Art can go beyond its limits when cooperating with other fields”, he collaborated with painters, sound artists, electronic engineers and designers to experiment and produce innovative projects. Chang was awarded with the first prize for his original furniture design in Korean Foundation architecture exhibition, where he constructed and exhibited the final product.

In the past, Chang worked in the globally known Japanese Architectural Studios of Kengo Kuma and Toyo Ito as an intern and contributed to various projects with commitment and creativity. Recently, he worked as a space designer in the Branding Department of Hyundai Card Company, where he created branded experiences, like ‘Cooking library’ and ‘Vinyl&Plastic Record Store’, to enhance the value of Hyundai Card. There, Chang realized the power of spatial storytelling in conveying the Brand’s values to the audience. This led his way to New York, in order to enrich his knowledge on experience design. 

Chang aims to go beyond his limits to create novel ideas by combining his background in Architecture with his experience in Branding spaces and his knowledge in Exhibition and Experience Design.