Selected Works

Vinyl & Plastic

Hyundai Card Company, Space Branding Series, 2016

Joong-gu, Seoul, Korea

Brand Space for Hyundai Card Company

Team : Space Brand Team(Jihoo Kyle Kim, Eunkyung byun,

Suji choi, Sungwook Song, Chang-hyun Lee)

Role : Architectural advisor, Contents Planning, ‘Artist Highlights’

planning & Design, ‘Plastic Wall’ Planning & Design,

Music Goods Corner VMD

From experience to ownership

The name ‘Vinyl & Plastic’ represent LP record (Vinyl) and CD (Plastic). It is a place where they sell more than 9,000 Vinyls and 160,000 CDs. This is not a simple music store but designed to be a place where all the experiences of finding, immersing, and buying music are found. Suggested trendy music by Various music curators are displayed in the spaces such as ‘Vinyl 200 picks’, ‘Plastic Wall’. People are able to listen and purchase the music from this optimized space.

Return to the Past

Longing for the music market where indoor space is decreasing and effort to help people to fully immerse into returning to the past have led to Retrospective concept. Visitors experience free expression of music by walking through rough materials, such as exposed concrete, metal plates, pallets.

Experience of ‘Digging’

‘Digging’ is an essential activity for people who listen to Vinyl to find good music. This has influenced the arrangement of this space. Also, the turntables at the listening area are operated by the visitors so that the current generations are able to experience the happiness of listening to the Vinyl.

Artist Highlight : Story Telling

In ‘Vinyl & Plastic’, not only music but also artists are recommended. Its distinct feature is how the story is organized considering the artist’s style and his music history. The first artist, Beck, was expressed with small pianos and various posters on the wall to illuminate his appearance as a composer and pursuit for diverse musical challenges.

Plastic wall : Selecting music just as shopping through display window

A space was designed to play musician’s recommended music by making a plastic wall into a large CD player. As people select and try on clothes from show window, here they can select music and enjoy on the other side.