Selected Works

Cooking Library

Hyundai-Card, Space Branding Series, 2017

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Brand Space for Hyundai Card Company

Team : Space Brand Team(Eunyoung Lee, Hanna Lee,

Jinho Lee, Chang-hyun Lee), Chefs of Hyundai card

Role : Architectural advisor, ‘Ingredient house’

planning & Design, Contents Planning,

Website Planning & Design

Branding : purpose of space

As the term ‘Library’ suggests, the primary purpose of cooking library is introducing books related to cooking. But the most important factor considered for space branding was applying all of the cooking process to the space. We wanted this space to become a library allowing the search for new recipe, a restaurant where delicious food is enjoyed and a kitchen where people directly experience cooking.

Space Arrangement

The process of perceiving the space has to be equivalent to the process of how various ingredients become food by people’s hands through recipes and how those foods come together in harmony to create a cuisine. This was expressed by arranging programs in subsequent order: DELI in the 1st floor, Library in the 2nd floor, Cooking class and terrace in the 3rd and 4th floor.

Space Planning & Design

Space Concept : changing over time

Interior of cooking library used materials that changes over time, such as solid wood, metal, concrete, poly carbonate, and etc., rather than high-tech materials. People’s trace and memories will be naturally inscribed to the space which would represent the essence of cooking that is completed by human warmth.

Mood Board

Reception Desk

Space for various topics

Cooking library was designed not only for the library purpose to introduce books in diverse methods but also for the display and sale of cooking tools and for the kitchen where cooking methods are shared through cooking classes. Especially, the ingredient house, located in the library floor, is built to store more than 200 types of spices. Distinct features and main uses are described in this space. Diverse powders are displayed as scientific lab to be seen as a ‘Spice laboratory’

Ingredients House

Website, Mobile-web, and Application Design