Selected Works

The Waterside Life (Dam City)

eVolo Skyscraper Competition, 2015

Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

Urban Infra Structure

Team : Changhyun Lee, Secheol O, Junhyung Kwon

Role : Participated in all parts of the project

Ambiguity of Dam

Advancement of technologies by mankind always seek the way to control the nature to satisfy their needs. Dam has been utilized to prevent flooding and create electricity by controlling the flow of water. However, this rational outcome of mankind, dam, began to reveal unexpected challenges. The topological characteristic of dam that disconnects the upper and lower region of a river resulted in huge ecological hazard such as reduction in biodiversity, poor water qualitied, and blocking of fish migration.

The formation of a civilization always took place in the vicinity of water. We drink water and use it for health control. Water is closely connected with the quality of mankind’s life which always needed for cultivation, heat avoidance, and pleasant landscape. In this state of affair, we tried to connect and combine the two contradicting environments – nature and civilization.

Blood Vessel

Our building can be seen as a kind of organism using water as an energy source. We use the water in the reservoir which was created in order to enable a variety of lives. To bring this water full of energy and life into the building itself, the building was made by pipes. The pipes function as blood vessels that supply water, discharge waste water, transfer energy, and perform temperature control. In addition, some of the pipes act as structure of the whole building.

Urbanization within the Dam

Where the only task the existing hydroelectric dams conducted was to generate electricity through the process of storing tons of water inside concrete mass, in the future, through the achievement of technology, the portion of concrete mass will be emptied out to provide new hidden space. What we propose is not just a machine that generates electricity using difference of water level, it will perform its new roles as a space which can deal with the ecological issues and everyday life.

Various purposes of pipe

The most critical aspect shaping the building's formation and space is pipes. Pipes are spread throughout every part of the building like veins of human beings. Each of these pipes have different roles. Despite their different roles, they have the same form, thus making the building look as if it is built with one single pipe.


Swamp (Ecology Park)

Swimming pool