Selected Works
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Fourmass Museum

Individual Academic Work, 2015

Jungdong, Seoul, Korea

Renovation from City Counsel to Museum

Mentor : Sangdae Lee

Duksu palace

Duksu palace is one of the well preserved palace that shows the traces of Josun Dynasty. Before the modernization of Korea, it was the center site for politic and social matters. Situated right in the middle of a very busy and hectic district in Seoul, it creates a sharp contrast with the surrounding high-rise modern buildings.

The Anglican church and Historical district

This area has many historic buildings from the 19 century to contemporary times, and has been the center area during the modernization of Korea. Hence, respecting such historic context and considering the notion of preservation is very important. Also, the site can act as the entrance of this district.

High rise buildings and City Hall

With a big boulevard separating the east and west, there is an architectural contrast between these two areas. The east is full of modern contemporary high rise buildings, whereas the west is full with more historical buildings. The museum, which will be located in the middle of such contrasting districts, will act as the entrance.


In daytime, the facade reflects the color of the sky so that the Anglican Church can be more noticeable. On the other hand, in night time, the museum is illuminated so it blends in with the night view of the surrounding street.

Four Keywords

Medium between areas

The museum will not only be the medium between Jeongdong district and high-rise buildings, but also the small plaza of the museum will act as the connecting medium with the adjacent Anglican Church in a smaller scale. Museum users who step into this plaza will be able to experience not only the museum itself but also will be stepping into the core identity of Jeondong.

Divide and Connect

The current building, before renovation, does not stand out even though the site is surrounded by attractive architecture. The new museum is divided into four masses to provide views toward the historical cathedral behind it. This gesture will allow the museum to be naturally merged into the context.

Circulation Diagram