Selected Works
LIFE BOX Main.jpg

Life Box

Art Installation in Marronnier Park in Seoul, Korea

2014, Public Installation

Team : Studio.Chang (Changhyun Lee, Sungchul Yu, Kihoon Park,

Junhyung Kwon, Chansik Kim, SeungYoon Park)

Role : Project Leader

Art + Architect

Artchitect is a compound word for art and architect that stands for the encounter of the two. The group was established through the curiosity of the outcome coming from the collaboration of the two fields. They focus on the similarities and differences to deliver it to the public. 

Different methods of reflecting life

Art expresses the moments of life inside a frame. On the other hand, architecture reflect continuous activities of life in structures. Our collaboration project searched for the various methods of expressing life into our outcome. More than 60 boxes of “Life Box” was created to reflect people’s life which allows the people to explore continuous pieces of life as an art.


Life and Time

Translucent film was attached to the acrylic board inside the box which acts like a mirror in the day to reflect the observer’s surrounding, his life. When the light decreases at night, the board is intended to become transparent to reflect the life of other people. The difference of life reflected in the board represent a flow of time of life. Therefore, the box reflects not only the observer’s life but also his surrounding people’s life and the flow of time. 

Project Film