Selected Works
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Triangle Stool

Chair design Competition for Exhibition

‘Swiss position + Swiss scale’ Exhibition, Korea

Furniture, Stool

Team : Studio.Chang (Changhyun Lee, Sungchul Yu, Kihoon Park,

Junhyung Kwon, Chansik Kim, SeungYoon Park)

Role : Project Leader, Stool Designer

Flat material

Chair contest for 2013 SWISS POSITION + SWISS SCALE EXHIBITION was posted with a challenge to construct a chair with flat materials. The main focus was the structural problem followed by using flat materials. I focused on the force generated when papers are architecturally folded in curved shape. Through the force which is not generated when folded vertically, structural problems were solved and the furniture’s design was perfected.

Structural stability + Comfort + Efficient Storage

Triangle stool’s shape itself takes the role of its construct. The curves of seat strengthen the structure and provide comfort. Also, when the exhibition has ended, they can be disassembled with ease by returning the chair back to flat material to increase storing efficiency.

Triangle Stool became an official product through patent establishment and product registration process.



Making Process