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Food Exhibition

Individual Academic Work, 2018

Madison Square Park, New York,

New York, United States

Food Exhibition in the Public Space

Mentor : Michele Y. Washington, Robin Drake

Introducing the food in Madison Square Park


Site : Madison Square Park

The project began with observing and interviewing people in the park. During that time, I realized that most of the people who pass through the park are commuters. In order to introduce this food to as many people as possible in the park, it will be more effective to entice those commuters to come into the exhibition and tell them about the story of Shikhye. Therefore, my target audience or visitor is the commuters. 

Target Audience : Commuters

Commuters are indifferent to their surroundings, monotonously rushing to their destination. I want to design a food exhibition for these busy people not only to introduce them to a food, but also to add a 'slowness' to their lives, giving them a chance to relax from their everyday bustle while immersing them in a part of Korean tradition. 

Madison Square Park at night

Exhibition Contents : Shikhye

The food at the center of the experience is Shikhye, a traditional Korean sweet beverage that is shared on traditional holidays. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the drink is that it takes six days to prepare, an involved process that includes steeping, germination, and fermentation. One goal of the exhibition is to introduce visitors to the slow and methodical process of making Shikhye, allowing them to understand that the depth of Shikhye’s flavor comes from this long traditional preparation method. 


Concept : Calming Experience

The mood for the exhibition is 'a calming experience'. In order to be calm, people have to slow down, so the words 'Calm' and 'Slow' can mean the same thing. As a result, the exhibition space is designed as a quiet place. The layout of the exhibition makes commuters walk slowly to mute the sounds of their steps and the rustle of their possessions. The name of the exhibition, 'Shhh', gives the impression that people should be calm in the exhibition, enabling visitors to slow down, savor and concentrate on the story of the exhibition by using all of their senses.

Concept map


Graphic Design

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Experience Design : Timeline Space



The space is designed as a linear form of six zones, mimicking the six steps to make Shikhye. Each step is interpreted as a singular space, engaging visitors in the process. For example, the third step in making Shikhye is squeezing barley malt with hemp cloth: visitors will feel their way through a hemp fabric cave that forces them to touch the texture of the cloth as they pass. The fourth step is adding rice that is then fermented at a warm temperature for a long time: visitors walk through a corridor 100 feet long and 6 feet wide signifying the length of time of fermentation, and a gradual slope leading 7 feet underground with a media wall around the narrow corridor that slowly reacts to people’s movement helps immerse them in the process. The linear form of the space, similar to a step-by-step recipe, offers a natural shortcut in the middle of a lawn area in the park without the pressure of a winding and ultimately time-consuming exhibition. 

Zone 1

Barley Farm

Exhibition starts with ‘Shhh’ sound that sounds when visitors touch the screen located in middle of the barley farm. At the same time, they will get the take-away pamphlet.

Zone 2

Barley Malt

The installation will express the process of making barley malt: Steeping, Germination, Drying.

Zone 3

Hemp Cloth

The tent-like installation will make visitors feel the process of squeezing hemp cloth for getting the ingredients of Shikhye. They will push and raise the hemp cloth up to pass through the installation.

Zone 4


Visitors will pass through the long corridor where a media screen is installed. The media screen will react when its sensor detach the movement of people. This experience will help visitors feel the process of Fermentation.

Zone 5

Boiling Water with Sugar

Projecting bubbles and adding smell of sugar will express the process of boiling the Shikhye with adding sugar in it.

Zone 6


At the end of the exhibition, they will push the button on the poll. Then, the poll will produce three effects that help visitors feel the process of refrigerating. Also, it will print the take-away pamphlet with CR code that will lead them to learn how to cook Shikhye.


Adding Slowness

By making visitors walk slowly and feel the steps of creating Shikhye using their senses, the exhibition will help people recognize the ‘slowness’ and calm that may be lacking in their lives. I hope that after experiencing the exhibition, they can start to activate their senses during their commute, and appreciate how slowness can enrich their lives. And, they will learn about the Korean tradition of making Shikhye.